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If you are looking for reliable tips in the field of carpet cleaning, you have just found a great free source of advice. The tips shared below cover different topics in this field. Each one of them is very practical and easy to use. Get started with reading now and come back for reference at any time.

Learn how to maintain them!

Outstanding methods and smart tips for fast carpet cleaning procedures! These excellent tips will help you handle stains and keep carpets fresh and clean. Smart solutions and ideas!

Choose handmade rugs for your office

Persian rugs would look lovely at home but they are also an excellent solution for offices. They will add some sophistication and prestige to your private working area and you can choose among a variety of designs and sizes. Though, the specialists of Carpet Cleaning Calabasas like to remind you that oriental rugs will look good only when they are maintained properly. Hence, rug cleaning is necessary!

How to increase the life of oriental rugs

Oriental rugs can last for many years and, in fact, accompany many generations of one family. That's the reason they are an excellent investment and why you should take care of them with frequent mold inspection and good rug cleaning on both sides. Keep them away from fire, natural light and water and air them in the open environment a couple of times a year.

Note the high traffic areas

Before you carry on with your routine vacuuming, our experts stationed in Calabasas suggest that you study areas on the carpet that experience a high amount of traffic. Areas where plenty of people always pass by will often have more dirt than the other areas. Once you note these areas, concentrate most of the vacuuming there.

Keep upholstery clean

Upholstery cleaning is important since stains will destroy their good appearance. Table chairs, for example, will get stained frequently from food especially if you have kids or friends over often. Just make sure the right detergents are used for your fabrics to avoid destroying them or discoloring them. Prefer ecofriendly products, which will not harm your health either.

Do not allow pets on the rugs

Homeowners usually treat pets as part of the family and it is rightly so because dogs, cats, and other pets contribute to making the house, especially the carpets and rugs, dirty. Because their fur tends to cling on the material, not allowing your pets on the rugs can help keep them clean.

Clean tiles in the bathroom, kitchen and mudroom once a week

Choose a safe cleaning product which doesn’t contain bleach or another damaging compound. It’s important to sweep and vacuum the floor first. Rinsing will help to prevent stains left by the cleaner and slippery surfaces which can be quite dangerous.


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